The Conference is Coming

Next week, leading organizations from around the world will find them selves meeting in Las Vegas at #M2MEvolution. With merger and acquisition activity in the IoT space in full bloom (PTC acquires ThingWorx, Google acquires Nest, Numerex acquires OmniLink, PTC acquires Axeda, Ericsson acquires MetraTech...), it will be interesting to see what happens next.

AT&T is holding a Fast Pitch competition at this year's rendition of the go-to IoT conference in the US. Entries from several startups such as Storific and ParLevel Systems are focused on making the retail and vending experience easier and more manageable.

That leads me to the real reason for the post. Why is the IoT important?

Machine to machine communication and the IoT are important for several reasons...but in short, they'll make society a better place for mankind.

There's 3 reasons for M2M...1) to make money...create a new business model or enhance an existing one. (2) save improve business or process flow and reduce overall costs. (3) compliance....gather and secure information based on a mandate.

It will be interesting to see if any members of the Fast Pitch can go 3 for 3 and hit the trifecta of reasons...because f they can, they stand a good chance of becoming the next IoT acquisition target.

See you in Vegas!