IoT is Coming to Town For Good

By Joyce Deuley

2015 is winding down and so is the idea that the IoT is still something waiting to happen sometime in the future. In fact, the IoT is here with us, right now. One of the key drivers for adopting IoT solutions is unlocking true business value—whether that's reducing waste, improving operations across an entire value chain, increasing efficiencies or so much more. Businesses can't afford to just sit around hoping that in a few years, the benefits and power of the IoT is going to fall into their laps. Instead, businesses need to take decisive action now in order to maximize the opportunities that are currently going on.

With various valuations and projections of IoT markets reaching tens of billions (if not more), it is clear that IoT is no passing fad. So, let's take advantage of the growing number of players in the space to find the right partners, resellers and vendors to roll out new solutions and streamline old ones. No one company has yet to discover the "end-to-end" solution that so many have claimed. Instead, there are a lot of companies that are investing heavily into in-house IoT projects that end up spinning their wheels. Rather than waste time on crafting elaborate solutions, that can derail companies from what their true offerings are, we need to focus on building relationships in the space and reaching out to specialists throughout the stack. Don't wait any longer, get the conversation started today.