James Brehm featured in "The Connected View with Dan McDuffie"

Last Wednesday, Dan McDuffie posted a blog on International M2M Council's (IMC) website that covered the current industry discussions about cellular and satellite communications, particularly focusing on low-power, wide area networks (LPWAN). In The Connected View with Dan McDuffie-LPWAN-the future of low band IoT McDuffie touches on the idea sweeping M2M and the IoT that, "you can instrument almost anything if you can get to a very low cost module with many years of battery life and almost no access cost." Throughout the article, McDuffie discusses different connectivity types, where the industry is headed, and the viability of LPWAN, and cites several industry leading experts, including .James Brehm. In the piece, McDuffie quotes Brehm's opinion utilizing different connectivity types,

"My new friend and industry analyst/heavyweight James Brehm puts it best:  'Right tool for the right job.'  Well-said James.  Whether it's LPWAN, Cellular 2g, 3g, 4g, Satellite, Wifi, Zigbee, mesh networks, or two tin cans and some string, in this brave new world of connected everything we now have a ton of tools at our disposal and there is no doubt, as is already evidenced, that smart people will find new ways of making use of them, the question for me as always comes down to monetization and ROI."

To find out more about LPWAN and McDuffie's article, please follow the link above.