Aeris Communications has Found the Chosen One: Neo


By James Brehm

In the sci-fi movie trilogy The Matrix, the name Neo was both an anagram and synonymous with the Chosen One, someone who would bring peace to a chaotic world. Today, that chaotic world is IoT, or the Internet of Things, which brings with it many different challenges and decisions with respect to connecting intelligent devices.

While the Internet of Things produces/provides opportunities for companies to optimize their endeavors through streamlined processes or new service offerings, accessing markets and developing and launching products is still sluggish and time consuming. But now, Aeris Communications aims to change all of that with the launch of Neo – a revolutionary marketplace designed to streamline the connectivity buying process.

Neo is a first-of-its-kind online marketplace that will allow customers to order and buy connectivity solutions. While most carriers and MVNOs offer their customers access to connectivity solutions, most have minimum volume requirements and the process to order solutions can be confusing and cumbersome. Neo enables customers the potential to purchase connectivity needs within minutes, and have fully functioning solutions for their businesses operational within days. Aeris designed Neo to utilize an “ structure,” providing transparency, simple pricing, quick checkouts, and no hidden fees.

Most companies that are planning to deploy a machine-to-machine (M2M) or IoT solution need fewer than 500 connections. These companies often postpone their M2M ventures, since there is a lack of affordably priced packages available due to the small scale numbers. Most of the carriers are “whale-hunting” with respect to M2M, while Aeris, through Neo, will attract enterprises doing beta testing or small companies that only need a few connections.

Neo, the M2M Chosen One, offers no cancelation or termination charges, while still receiving the award-winning Aeris service for only one dollar a month per device. In other words, the goal is to make things simple and fast. It is designed for businesses and developers looking for a new approach into M2M/IoT markets. Aeris claims costs are estimated to drop by at least 50 percent and faster time to market.

Benefits offered by Neo include 2G or 3G coverage across most of the U.S., proprietary API usage enabling a secure path of information, SMS alerting on performance issues, alerts when device is offline, SMS alert when data usage is close to being exceeded, parameter change of customers’ SIM’s through the Cloud, and remote diagnostic and management tools.

Flexible bandwidth pricing is also included, as Neo is a true pay-as-you go solution. We believe that Neo could be a great first of its’ kind solution for makers and small businesses alike, and will create a wave of activity in emerging markets.