Welcome to the Next Industrial Revolution!

By James Brehm

As I sat last Wednesday afternoon with Joe Braga and Alexander Bufalino at the Telit booth enjoying perhaps the best iced coffee I had ever had, we discussed the state of the market and what Telit is doing for its customer base. (Btw, thanks Illy for sponsoring the Telit booth!) The folks at Telit also believe that showcasing results is the key in spurring adoption forward.

According to a recent PWC survey, the majority of CEOs believe digital investments reap real rewards and add value for their businesses. What’s more, 80% of CEOs interviewed view mobility and analytics, key cornerstones of IoT as crucial success factors moving forward. 81% of CEOs believe the use of mobility for customer engagement is strategically important to their businesses while 80% believe analytics and data mining, 78% believe security, and 65% believe that the Machine to Machine (M2M and the Internet of Things (IoT) are strategically important to the health of their business. 

Welcome to the next industrial revolution!

Over the past few years, we’ve moved the questions around M2M and IoT from “If” to “When”, from “When” to “Why”, and now with the help of result-s focused companies like Telit and AT&T, the discussion is moving from “Why” to “How”.