The Floors of ENTELEC 2015

As soon as we entered the ENTELEC 2015 conference in Houston, we could tell there was something different about it—we just couldn’t put our finger on it right away. The initial feeling was that of a good ol’ boy conference in a very tight knit group where things want to stay the same.

Roaming through the show floor, we saw vendors ranging in everything from tower climbing harnesses to next generation data analytics from a company like Splunk. The fog began to clear; we realized that the market is very slowly evolving; though the conference may look stale on the outside there is a small glimmer of new technology permeating throughout the conference.

At the end of the night we attended a crawfish boil hosted by CalAmp and Infrastructure Networks that summed up the conference quite well: The crawfish boil is held every year and has been for the last 20 years. You look around and you see competitors sitting side-by-side eating and enjoying good traditional Cajun food, swapping stories without any reservations. The menu is always the same but there are fresh faces and new stories in the crowd.

With as much hype as there is around the industrial internet, M2M, and IoT we would have expected that Cisco, IBM, and Intel, three of the founding members of the Industrial Internet Consortium would’ve joined co-founders AT&T and GE as exhibitors at the show.

While oil and gas production and distribution is handled in much the same way it was 100 years ago, the use of next generation technologies as pervasive as in other industry verticals. Migration from private mobile radio to public-private hybrid cloud solutions is slowly seeping through the shale fields.

It’ll be interesting to see if Cat 1, Cat 0 or even 5G LTE will tap its way in to the field and create a stream of connected data. Because you know it’s all about the data anyway. We hope that by ENTELEC 2016 some new faces from analytics and BPM BPO companies join us for jambalaya and mud bugs. See you next year at the Zydeco Café on Wednesday evenin’ at ENTELEC 2016.