Is There a Shortcut to Success for IoT Startups?

By Martha Vazquez

With all the talk about the Internet of Things, it comes as no surprise that startups, makers and entrepreneurs are all trying to gain a presence in the market. Don’t let the IoT’s seemingly endless opportunity fool you—getting into the space is harder than it looks. In order to deliver a successful, sticky product with high ROI, it is critical for IoT hopefuls to develop and implement dynamic, scalable strategies through targeted messaging, flexible but stable connectivity approaches, and strategic partnerships across the ecosystem. Is there a quicker way to deploy a product so interested startups don’t miss the IoT revolution? 

Partnering with the right carrier, in particular, is essential. Prior to choosing a carrier partner, certain questions should be considered, like:

·       What does the certification process look like?

·       How can I get my product launched globally with low upfront costs?

·       How long will all this take? 

Startups who explore these questions are likely to find that large telcos are not well equipped to support smaller volumes of devices because they focus more on the enterprise sector. As a result, the prices are higher—and since funding is crucial for startups—it may not make business sense to pursue that route.

Thankfully, one company is eagerly enabling makers and startups to make their mark on the IoT. OneSimCard was launched in May 2007 by Belmont Telecom with a goal to reduce high costs of mobile devices for international travelers. Now, in response to the ever growing IoT space, the company has expanded its portfolio to offer global M2M service. The company also offers a number of tools to make things easier to connect, as well as manage and support connected devices from anywhere.  

Plus, as a prepaid service, OneSimCard lets you only pay for the service when you use it. There is no device minimum making it more cost efficient and simple for companies to start services as soon as possible.

Despite the opportunities that the IoT market is bringing to start ups and entrepreneurs, the road ahead will still present some challenges for successful deployments. OneSimCard is the hidden gem for these inventors and entrepreneurs—poised to help startups keep costs down and conserve funding, while enabling global service, fast deployment, and near-instant ROI.