New York City to Get Smarter by Taking Out the Trash?

By Sara Brown

As the saying goes: One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. In the case of New York City—it could be expounded to: 8.4 million people’s trash is Big Belly’s treasure.

Who is Big Belly? The world’s leading connected waste bin provider, naturally. Already collecting trash in major cities around the globe, Big Belly has saved countless municipalities, universities and hospitals countless dollars in waste management costs, while improving recycling compliance and reducing vermin and trash overflow; ultimately providing a friendly “green” image for their brands.

Today Big Belly threw down the gauntlet in their own smart-city brand extension—one that, if you’ve been reading my work over the past few months, you already know is right up my alley . . .

I’ve been harping on those purpose-built smart silo apps, and the municipalities who deploy them, to get really smart by finding ways to overlap applications on a single connected platform. To be sure, I never expected it to be the garbage can. So, of course, it is gratifying to see that Big Belly has been listening.

Today, they submitted a proposal to extend the use of their already-ubiquitous connected compactors throughout NYC to deliver a) municipal Wi-Fi, b) revenue-generating digital signage, and c) city-wide emergency notifications.

As an IoT buff, I’m delighted to see someone take the lead in smart-city application crossover. As a marketer, the mind reels! There are so many great ways to promote Big Belly’s brand with garbage-powered Internet . . . And who could imagine a better case study than New York City.

Mayor de Blasio—buy these bins. Big Belly—call me. I’ve got a lot of ideas!