Vodafone and Skypatrol Announce Partnership

By Jose Gallardo

Vodafone and Skypatrol solidified a partnership that will open up opportunities for both existing and new clients of location based services within the fleet management and asset tracking segment. Skypatrol will be utilizing Vodafone’s global network to provide connectivity which they feel will enable the growth of 10,000 units per month internationally. Although, not all of the 10,000 units are connected to the GSM network as some are still on CDMA, but this opportunity will allow expansion of Skypatrol’s solutions to GSM. 

Skypatrol chose to partner with Vodafone because they are one of the largest carriers in the world, specifically within European markets. As a result, Skypatrol will have a global footprint and a static IP connection to offer their customers, where they may not have been able to do so with their local carrier. Complexity is reduced for the international customer where they can now easily manipulate having to work with too many connectivity circuits allowing the customer to focus on core the business objectives rather than the connectivity.

All in all, this partnership seems like a good fit for many Skypatrol customers travelling country to country, especially as we start to witness the slow migration from 2G to 4G. This partnership will ultimately create a good opportunity for both companies to expand globally and create more opportunities in the future.