T-Mobile Still Needs to Play Catch Up

By Martha Vazquez

T-Mobile released second quarter earnings yesterday which has caused us to scratch our heads, again. While the company keeps promoting the increase in revenue and postpaid numbers, they also reported a net loss of 33,000 machine- to- machine (M2M) connections.

In response to why T-Mobile is missing the M2M opportunity, John Legre basically stated that $ 1 ARPU for a connected car or tablet was not their focus and when companies like AT&T and Verizon are losing subscribers, they have to find other areas to focus on. John, please explain to us how M2M is not a growing opportunity as we witness possible forecasts in the billions by 2020?  

While Verizon and AT&T are focused on adding IoT connections and building additional revenue streams. T-Mobile has remained negative in focusing on the connected “things” revolution.  T-Mobile may not feel compelled to start looking at other adjacent industries and businesses to compete with for M2M, but if they don’t hurry they will again, be trying to pay catch up with the big boys. 

John, we have lots of ways that we can help you. So feel free to read James Brehm’s open letter to you and call us soon! http://www.iotevolutionworld.com/m2m/articles/407551-an-open-letter-john-legere-33000-net-deactivations.htm