ARM Expands IoT Security Offerings and Capabilities

By Martha Vazquez

ARM last week confirmed its rumored acquisition of Sansa Security, a hardware-based security company for mobile connectivity. Sansa, formerly known as Discretix, is thought to be going for $90 million.  According to Sansa, its security solution protects over 150 million devices.

About 95 percent of the world’s handset market leverages ARMs’ chip design, which is also broadly used in Smart TVs, wearables, gaming consoles, and automotive devices. ARM technology is present in more than 50 billion devices in the world today, and is consistently showing year over year growth. With Arm’s recent development of the mbed operating system, Sansa’s security solution is meant to help broaden the security features into ARM’s end-to-end security standard.

The recent high-profile car hacks show that there is a strong need for more embedded security functionality within the IoT space. Sansa’s security solution is through the hardware and therefore there is additional isolation of security from the apps processor. ARM has been very active in the IoT space, and believes that security must be embedded in order to protect any point of attack. ARM is working with many companies focused on the IoT space, where the demand for edge processing is extending well beyond just handsets. Integrating different technologies, especially security is key for ultimately creating a great user experience. It makes sense, as we see the development of IoT products accelerating, ARM is taking every precaution to enable the secure IoT that is needed for any market segment.