Figuring Out Where Wearables Fit in Healthcare

By Joyce Deuley

Wearables are on the top of everyone's mind these days—new products are released almost on a monthly basis and each promises to offer more than the last. The impact wearables have had on IoT is not lost on the healthcare market, however figuring out just how and where wearables fit has proven to be challenging.

AT&T's lead product manager, Zachary Bujnoch released an post on LinkedIn's Pulse titled, "Dissecting Wearables in Healthcare", in it, Bujnoch breaks down the use cases in which wearables are initiated into the healthcare space and provides examples. In addition to that, Bujnoch discusses some of the challenges of those use cases and potential remedies as well. His primary goal in sharing this with the rest of the IoT community is to help us remember that how wearables are utilized in hospitals or in the home is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Each use case needs to be examined independently of the rest and policies/deployment strategies need to reflect that—otherwise we may see more roadblocks appear due to our lack of vigilance.

Good advice Zach, let's see if it sticks.