Become Part of the IoT Universe

We’ve been IoT industry watchers for years and years, and as more new companies seek to leverage the value of connected devices for their businesses, we can’t help but notice a prevalent confusion in the overall market about exactly who does exactly what. If only these new prospects had some sort of map that classifies who does what in the M2M and IoT industries – particularly with so many promising “end-to-end” solutions.
Some break the value chain down into a few categories – hardware, connectivity, platforms and applications. Unfortunately, it is easy to agree that this approach, in spite of massive industry consolidation, still doesn’t show the true breadth and depth of M2M and IoT. It is our goal to change that, in partnership with Calysto Communications, by introducing The IoT Universe, the definitive ecosystem map that classifies nearly 20 different categories of products and services that make up a complete IoT solution. There is no doubt, multiple IoT players cross multiple product/service segments – but we believe no one in the market today covers them all.
So to help newcomers to the market, we intend to create a tool to understand all the players and exactly where they add value. This is not a contest. We aren’t planning to choose favorites, issue awards, or compete with those who do. What we want to do is develop an umbrella view that includes everybody on the playing field. While we all know, in the real world, every player can’t win – it does help for the judges to know who’s in the game.
If your company participates in any part of the IoT value-chain, we want to hear from you! Tell us what you do and why it matters. We’ll help you find your rightful place in the IoT Universe by functional area and domain strength. As we know many companies fall cover multiple functional areas, we’re asking for your input.
Please respond to our Call for Participation today to make sure your company and its offerings are accounted for. Questions, contact Sara Brown at today.