Apple Unveiling

By Enrique Pavlioglou

At last the wait is over and September 9th has passed. Apple unveiled their newest creations it has been cooking up. Today, days after the hype and our feelings shoved away, let us review and recap without sentiment.
The new Apple TV: An addition to the Apple family that has been brewing for years and will be welcomed with open arms at every Apple loving household. Personally, I have nothing against the old Apple TV, but when compared to other "hot" devices in the market, it seems rudimentary and antiquated. The new Apple TV revamps Apple's smart TV processes, while also adding a harmonic environment that includes access to the Apple store with hundreds of upcoming apps and games.
Apple iPad Pro: The first thing that pops to mind is it is an over sized iPad. Upon further inspection, however, it is truly a conventional replacement for the laptop. The device allows users to hold their work in their hands, especially those who work with design software. Microsoft and other companies have created applications that allow the user to exploit all of the iPad Pro’s functions.
Apple Pencil: This new device called “revolutionary” by Apple has been around for a couple of years now. It is a great addition to the Apple family, however I would not dare call it the next great Apple invention. The pencil is also a little pricey, but will come in handy for many users.
iPhone 6s:  To be honest, I was a little disappointed that Apple—yet again—did not even mention battery life. With all the new upgrades the phone will receive, for example the force touch, the new fingerprint scanner or the live pictures, it was surely due for an overhaul in battery life. But it seems that Apple will stick to the same battery, giving us about 10 hours of battery life overall. The new features, though, seem quite interesting, especially the live pictures. iPhone users will have the ability to make their pictures move as a way to remember the moment the picture was taken. This feature seems to come out of a science fiction novel and will definitely be a major determining factor to people ordering the new iPhone.
Apple products have always been in the front line of innovation, they always seem to get it right when it comes o what people are hopping for in new devices. The Apple TV and the iPad Pro inspire me get in line for days just to preview the devices; with the pencil and the new iPhone, however, I can see myself waiting at least until my Christmas bonus to decide if I want to get my hands on it.