Devicify to Present at ARC Industry Forum 2016

Tomorrow, Devicify Founder & CEO, Scott Johnson will be speaking at ARC Industry Forum 2016 on “Smart Connected Product Design”. During his presentation, Johnson will cover how in order for IoT deployments to be successful, businesses have to find ways to eliminate the separation between Business and Product Design. The transition from a “thing-centric” aspect of IoT to a bridged version that combines both things and business processes is mission critical for IoT companies everywhere. Devicify manages to make this shift easier through the only Connected Products Management® software suite available, Devicify CPM. Devicify CPM helps businesses monitor, manage and expose devices in a way that abstracts technology, easily incorporating connected products into business processes. Remember: IoT isn’t just about things: instead it’s about the collection of information, discovering how to utilize that information and ensuring a return on connectivity.

Be sure to see Johnson’s presentation to learn even more about Connected Products Management, the challenges IoT currently faces regarding the scalability and monetization of connected products and more.

For more information about Devicify and Devicify CPM, please check out its website here: