James Brehm & Associates Expands Globally; Adds New Senior Advisor & Brand Ambassador, Alan Weinkrantz

By James Brehm

Part of our 2016 growth plans, and our vision as a global leader in providing strategy acceleration, market intelligence and advisory services around the Internet of Things (IoT) space has been to not only look to, but be part of other ecosystems where innovation and technology is being developed. IoT is more than hardware, software and sensors. It includes cloud services, makers, analytics, and many other varieties of change agents.

Today, I am pleased to announce that we have added Alan Weinkrantz as a member of our team serving in the role of Senior Advisor and Brand Ambassador for our firm.

Alan’s background is in public relations and strategic communications for technology – centric companies.  He worked with the teams that helped commercialize transformational platforms and industry standards such as VoIP, IPTV, WiFi, and the tablet PC, and continues to advise startups and technology-centric companies.

While he is based in San Antonio, he also resides in Tel Aviv. Israel is one of the leading centers of innovation that touches every part of what we do.  We also have several clients based in Israel, and many of our clients have their own R&D centers in StartupNation.

Alan is also a journalist where he contributes to the startup section of The Times of Israel and Geektime, the largest consumer tech news site outside of the U.S.

Given his background in communications and as a journalist, and given his living and working both in San Antonio and Tel Aviv, Alan provides our clients with unique perspective as we not only help guide our clients’ future, but help them articulate and define who they are.

Alan will also be joining our teams at selected trade shows, where, as a journalist, he will also help us help you in documenting our journeys and providing insights to where we see change and opportunity.

While the U.S. market is certainly compelling, we also recognize that borders no longer exist. We are seeing demands from our clients who want to expand into other regions of the world, and we are seeing global players outside of the U.S. seeking our counsel and expertise on U.S. market entry.

Change is happening on a global basis.

The opportunities are there before us.

We want to help our clients understand change, and act on these opportunities. We believe that in adding Alan to our team, is a step in the right direction, ultimately aimed at better serving you.

Alan joining us is one step in that direction. We see more change – and opportunity ahead. We hope you’ll join us.