Live from Hanover: AT&T + Globecomm; 1 + 1 = 3

By Joyce Deuley

This morning, AT&T announced its partnership with Globecomm to launch its new satellite services to help companies better track their global IoT deployments. Globecomm, a top global solutions and data management company, will allow for its satellite connectivity to work with AT&T’s network, meaning customers won’t need to purchase separate cellular and satellite services separately.

AT&T’s VP of IoT Solutions, Mike Troiano, stated, “We’re offering a one-stop shop for IoT connectivity…Customers now have a flexible, reliable, and highly secure service to monitor their assets nearly anywhere. They don’t have to choose one connectivity solution over the other—they can have the full package.”

As the world becomes increasingly hyper-connected, companies will have a growing need to maintain visibility with their global IoT deployments. John Kirchner, SVP of Products & Corporate Strategy for Globecomm explains, “Businesses want more real-time visibility into their assets on a global scale…We’re working with AT&T to offer near-seamless connectivity over a single platform. While helping businesses collect and analyze critical information wherever their assets are—to generate operational improvements and hard ROI—on land or at sea.”

James Brehm & Associates’ Founder and Technology Evangelist, James Brehm, weighs in on the impact of a unified connectivity platform on IoT:

“The combination of AT&T and Globecomm gives AT&T a leg up on the competition, and makes them the global leader in providing multimodal geographic disperse IoT solutions. But, it takes more than great connectivity to pull off these complex solutions. Which means that Globecomm is a perfect company to partner with as it is more than a simple connectivity provider. For years, Globecomm has been a provider of complex, secure communications for the government in many regions around the world. With feet on the streets worldwide, Globecomm’s team can provide the supply chain solution design, integration, and technical assistance needed to support a global solution offering.”

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