Amdocs’ Cloud-Fusion Enables Service Providers to Become “Cloud Brokers”

By Joyce Deuley

Yesterday, customer experience solutions provider, Amdocs announced the launch of its new Cloud-Fusion service aimed at helping its customers that are using Microsoft’s Azure platform. Some of the services Cloud-Fusion provides are premium bandwidths, more secure applications, and reliable connectivity options for enterprises and SMBs.

Amdocs’ Cold-Fusion is a combination of the Amdocs Network Cloud Service Orchestrator and Azure, leveraging Microsoft’s robust cloud infrastructure to meet the critical application and high performance needs of its customers. Additionally, Cold-Fusion provides a vendor-agnostic, unified management, monitoring, orchestration, and assurance solutions, which helps dramatically reduce the time it takes for service providers to address and fulfill orders from weeks to minutes. This is huge for improving customer experience and operational efficiencies across the board.

Ann Hatchell, Head of Amdocs Network Marketing, stated, “Service providers can now offer a one-stop shop for differentiated hybrid cloud services with service guarantees for enterprise customers, and streamline end-to-end service management across telco and public cloud environments, thereby improving service agility and reducing complexity.” This is a pretty massive opportunity since Hatchell also mentioned that “17 percent of all businesses each have more than 1,000 virtual machines supporting a range of business-critical applications that reside in the public cloud.” As more organizations transition their businesses from legacy networks to the Cloud, the need for these enhanced cloud services will become even more critical for enterprises and SMBs throughout the stack.

Not only did Bob De Haven, GM of Worldwide Communications & Media at Microsoft, say that by adopting Cloud-Fusion services, service providers will be able to create and capture opportunities that will foster new opportunities, but he also said, “Together with Amdocs, we are enabling service providers to introduce attractive new cloud-related offerings through the Cloud-Fusion self-service portal, and seize revenue that typically go directly to over-the-top-players. This elevates the service provider’s position within the value chain and opens the door for them to become a cloud broker.”

We couldn’t agree more, Bob, and are excited to learn more about how Cloud-Fusion is accelerating success for service providers going forward.