Microsoft Acquires Italian IoT Player, Solair

By Joyce Deuley

It has been an exciting journey to have worked with the Solair team to spread the word about their unique presence in a series of markets and to promote their commitment to building better business through the power of IoT. Today, we are pleased to share the news that the Italian IoT company has been acquired by Microsoft. Solair's solutions were built on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform and have been helping companies across the globe increase revenues and efficiencies by providing valuable business insights gained through cloud-based data analytics.

Sam George, Microsoft's Partner Director, Azure IoT, stated that Microsoft was excited about Solair's technology and that the company "shares our ambition for helping customers harness their untapped data and create new intelligence with IoT, and this acquisition supports our strategy to deliver the most complete IoT offering for enterprises." Tom Davis, CEO of Solair, also shared his thoughts on the purchase, "The last five years have been about growth – both for us as a company and for the IoT market as a whole – but today marks a new chapter for Solair. The Solair team and I look forward to being a part of Microsoft and a very strong Azure IoT team. It’s an opportunity that will allow us to bring the power of IoT to new and unique customer scenarios."

Solair's dedication over the years to help customers gain access to the innumerable benefits of IoT is best represented through the company's intense focus on building real customer solutions and by removing complexities associated with IoT deployments, ensuring that its customers do what they do best: get back to business. Through this acquisition, Microsoft gains unparalleled expertise that will enhance Microsoft Azure's already powerful IoT suite, and push the opportunities in IoT well beyond our expectations.