Devicify Enables Variety at the Edge

By Joyce Deuley

This year, I have been to numerous conferences and events and I've noticed that, as the hype cycle slows down, a lot of companies are stuck on the potentials of IoT, while few have been able to deliver on those potentials now. However, out of those few, there are some dynamic players that are making the IoT a reality today, like Devicify. Last week, I had the opportunity to sit down with Devicify CEO, Scott Johnson, to dig a little deeper into his vision of IoT and how companies can overcome current challenges that are plaguing the industry.

One key takeaway was Johsnon's opinion on streamlining IoT solutions:

"One way companies can streamline their deployments is by standardizing the interface to the business. If we’re relying on APIs across different silos, vendors or packages, we’re creating a potential rats nest that will become self-limiting. That’s one of the reasons that Devicify built an application that spans both sides of a normally separate solution, providing a nice pathway that provides uniform business interfaces while supporting rich variety at the edge."

The Devicify team will be at the LiveWorx event in Boston next week, June 6th-9th, in booth C12. You should definitely check them out and find out more about how Devicify is enabling IoT success now. Read the full interview here: