Attend San Antonio's first IoT Summit, the EPIcenter's IoT: A Connected World

2020 is going to be an incredible year-- the number of IoT-connected devices by conservative estimates will have reached into the tens of billions. Always outpaced by its own hype, real change never happens as quickly as people advertise it's going to happen, but almost always happens faster than people prepare for it to happen. 

San Antonio's first IoT summit, IoT: A Connected World, will be hosted June 1 by the EPIcenter, and it will bring together IoT industry professionals, utility experts, and city officials for the purpose of sparking more robust discussion about planning for the tides of technological change.

EPI is an abbreviation for "Energy, Partnerships, and Innovation", which represent the core of the center's strategy to become a world-class meeting space for energy innovation and entrepreneurial incubation. Hoping to grow from the ground up, the center plans to engage local businesses and technology communities.

For more information about the speakers that will be featured and about how to register, click HERE