Do Industrial Companies Speak IoT? Musings from the Road

By: Bill Brehm

Do we need to start talking business impact and use case and quit talking IoT?  That is the question I have been pondering for the last couple of weeks. 

I just got back from attending CON EXPO/ CONAGG (the largest trade show in the US for the construction industry) and ENTELEC (a tradeshow for the energy, telecommunications, and electrical industries). While there I was able to talk to companies like GE, Terex, CAT, Deere, Komatsu and others. At both of these two shows I noticed something very troubling for those in the IoT industry. IoT, the buzzword that has long outgrown buzzword-status and begun to mature and grow into a much more formidable role, was absent. Despite the fact that IoT is becoming an integral part of business and enables many of the solutions that enterprises are looking for, few people outside the industry talk about it. I noticed people talking connecting their solutions, big data, SCADA, telemetry, GPS, and other terms, but the key bringing them all together is IoT.  

So, I asked myself, is it time for the industry to start talking about the wins we have? 

Is it time to start showing our use cases, and solutions and quit trying to focus on the buzzword?

Isn’t it about time we talk about Measurable ROI, definitive impact, business transformation, new economics, disrupting the status quo…? 

It is all about how we get data to where it can be used that makes this revolution pertinent. The thing that will make enterprises move forward in this ever-expanding technical revolution is their ability to partner with the right people to generate a solution that helps them save money, make money, maintain compliance, or create total business transformation. If business leaders don’t know where or who to look for to get the solution, the revolution will stall, and all the wins of the past few years will have been for nothing.

That’s my two cents, what do you think?