Witness NimbeLink’s Journey at This Year’s Sensors Expo & Conference in Silicon Valley

Rich with 30+ years of experience in and insight into the sensors industry, the Sensors Expo & Conference this year will be held at the McEnery Center in San Jose, CA this year and will feature over 100 industry experts with speakers and keynote sessions from companies such as NimbeLink, NASA, Exosite, and Augmented Reality, among others.

NimbeLink first broke into the IoT space as a components company with their family of end-device certified Skywire-embedded modems but has been repositioning itself as an IoT-solutions provider with QTELLUS, its latest full stack, asset tracking solution.

While at the Expo, NimbeLink’s CEO Scott Schwalbe, CTO Kurt Larson, and CIO John Young will discuss the various challenges that NimbeLink has been overcoming as they transition from a components company to an IoT-solutions provider as well as the challenges inherent in designing end-device certified, sensor-embedded devices and systems (e.g. managing device complexity requirements vs time-sensitive deadlines). They will also discuss the characteristics that make cellular connectivity the best fit for some (but not all) applications and the criteria that NimbeLink seeks out in potential partners as they scale up in IoT ecosystem.

To learn more about NimbeLink, visit them on the IoT Ecosystem Expo Floor (Booth #1242) or sit in on any number of the presentations that they will be involved in. A schedule of the Sensors Expo events can be accessed by clicking HERE.