Sector Report: The IoT - Examines IoT Layer-By-Layer to Unveil the Larger Picture

We recently collaborated with Drake Star Partner, a global M&A and corporate advisory firm, to produce the comprehensive white paper, Sector Report: The Internet of Things (IoT).  The report, by deconstructing and analyzing each layer (e.g. hardware, software, and networks & integration), demystifies IoT's nature and current state. 

Sector Report: The Internet of Things (IoT) also focuses on recent IoT markets & acquisitions and financing activity, contextualizing the deals and their impact to the market and  provides usecases to shed light, not only on the different ways IoT is showing up across various industries (e.g., Commercial & Industrial, Agriculture & Farming, Utilities & Energy, etc.), but also on how these manifestations contribute to the larger IoT-picture.  

Click HERE to read the report. 

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