Hot Off the Press! Why Autonomous Vehicles Are An Eventual Certainty But Auto Dealers Still Don't Know How To Sell Connected Car Solutions Sales


This latest Connected Conversation, focuses on two aspects of the auto industry (autonomous vehicles and auto sales) to provide insight on the following issues: 

  • The Business & Legal Factors Holding Driverless Cars Back--Technological immaturity isn't the only factor slowing the en masse entry of driverless cars on our roadways. Engineers can (and soon absolutely will) advance the technology for driverless cars into maturity. But that's only half of the equation. Complexities rooted in insurance, regulatory, and cultural issues are just a few of the challenges that need to be addressed.
  • Which Driving Segments Will Driverless Cars Lure the Most--Driverless cars aren't going to suddenly monopolize our roads. The most realistic scenario will be that driverless vehicles begin replacing long-haul vehicles used for transporting goods. (Not consumer "Average-Joe" drivers.)  Simple supply/demand economics, well, demand it. 
    • Auto Dealers Are Myopically Sabotaging Sales of Connected Car Solutions--We have enormous respect for the men and women who daily work very hard at auto dealerships; our opinion of the business model currently in place at your average auto dealership is another matter. The brass tacks is that sales numbers for connected car solutions continue to be problematic because sales people aren't being properly incentivized to promote them.

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