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· CIOs

· Enterprise IT Leaders

· Data Scientists

· System Integrators

· Application Developers

· Solution Providers

· Device Makers

· Mobile Operators

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· Identify and learn how to overcome barriers to IoT adoption in your organization

· Where the smart money is flowing in the IoT sector

· The cost savings and economics of enterprise and industrial IoT solutions

· Integrator’s role in addressing challenges of interoperability, end to end performance and security

· Role of edge computing as a key component to getting the ROI out of IoT systems

· Societal benefits of a connected society – What’s possible?

· How to simplify the complexities of IoT implementations to maximize ROI· Tracking, Tracing, Monitoring and Transparency with IoT supply chain solutions

· How to assure trust of the data, end points and the processing of an IoT Solution

· Smart, connected solutions in the transportation market

· Prescriptive analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence in IoT implementations

· 4G, 5G hype and the role of alternative networks in deploying IoT solutions

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  • 377 Attendees

  • 46 Speakers

  • 20 Sponsors

  • 11 Media / Press


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