Olga Yashkova

Olga Profile Pic.png

Principal Consultant - IoT Business Intelligence & Analytics

Olga Yashkova is Principal Consultant - IoT Business Intelligence & Analytics of James Brehm & Associates. Olga joined James Brehm & Associates in February 2019 after spending a year as an independent consultant.

Olga started her career spending 5 years in multiple roles at Portland General Electric, first in Customer Support, and later moving to the Economic Development Group where she conducted market research and analysis of energy and smart grid markets. After PGE, Olga joined Frost & Sullivan where for nearly a decade and a half she was responsible for all aspects of the Communications Test & Measurement practice including analysis of emerging technologies, due diligence, go-to- market strategies, and business development.

Olga brings a strong foundation of standards, best practices, and industry use cases of IoT, and she strongly believes that IoT will be a transformative framework for connecting all things - man and machine - and will impact every aspect of humanity.