Episode 15: Qualcomm on Edge Computing


Qualcomm’s Gary Brotman (Senior Director and Head of AI & Machine Learning Product Management) and Hari Garlapati (Business Development & Technology Strategy) joined Mike Krell (our Head of IoT Strategy at James Brehm & Associates) to discuss the importance of edge computing for IoT solutions.

In this episode, we aim to clarify the definition of the “edge” and provide an overview of Qualcomm’s thoughts on the requirements for smart connected devices. Given Qualcomm’s history with smart phones, it's logical that they can handle the enablement of scaling up, connectivity optimization, compute, and security--all requirements for IoT-connected devices. Qualcomm’s smart phone dominance clearly shows their leadership position in wireless technologies such as 5G, LTE (including CAT M1 and LTE NB1), cellular solutions, and short range solutions such as BLE, WiFi, and 802.15.4 ( e.g. Zigbee / Z-wave). What isn’t as well-known is how their computing technologies, developed for use in cell phones, applies to IoT.

Hear Gary and Hari discuss how enabling edge devices and gateways is essential for IoT’s success and delivering on AI, real-time analytics, and other applications – all of which are key areas where Qualcomm is driving technology.

This podcast series looks at the news of the day, the game changing strategies that are changing the way we live, work and play. 

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