Episode 14: Bluetooth Sig - Delivering Standards & Supporting Developers


In this latest episode of "The idIoTs," Jim Katsandres walks us through the recent update of Bluetooth Standards that includes Bluetooth 5 and Mesh. Bluetooth 5 promises to change the consumer's experience with richer media and smarter homes. Mesh enables real-time sensing and actuation for factory floor solutions such as smart lighting.

When Bluetooth 5 is combined with Mesh, we get a powerful Industrial IoT (IIoT) solution that takes advantage of beacons and other IoT devices capable of instantaneously pervading a network and triggering functions designed for zones or fthe entire network.

For Developers, Bluetooth SIG supports an activity community, and Jim  and the team are available to support developers with advice and guidance. The tools and code available on the site is neutral to environments and supports a large community of developers looking to launch scalable products.

This podcast series looks at the news of the day, the game changing strategies that are changing the way we live, work and play. 

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