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James Brehm

Founder & Chief Technology Evangelist

An independent advisor and technology evangelist, James Brehm is one of the leading voices on the state of the IoT and M2M market. Leveraging experience gained in a decade long career as an industry analyst after holding multiple marketing and customer facing roles with leading technology companies, Brehm launched James Brehm & Associates in 2013 to serve ...

Carl Ford

Community Developer and Grand Poohbah

Carl is all about connections! Connecting people, networks and, of course, things.  For the last ten years, Carl’s focus has been on the Internet of Things (IoT) in vertical markets and the requirements for connectivity. Carl has been a community developer for the IoT for ten years, acting as an evangelist and advisor while producing IoT Evolution. 

Bill Brehm

Managing Director and Chief Operations Overlord

As Managing Director and Chief Operations Overlord, Bill brings more than 20 years of operations expertise to James Brehm & Associates. Previously, Bill led corporate entry into the South Texas market for Palfleet, a division of the Palfinger Corporation. Prior to that, he served as Customer Service Center and Operations Manager for Terex Corporation, ...

Olga Yashkova

Principal Consultant - IoT Business Intelligence & Analytics

Olga Yashkova is Principal Consultant - IoT Business Intelligence & Analytics of James Brehm & Associates. Olga joined James Brehm & Associates in February 2019 after spending a year as an independent consultant. Olga started her career spending 5 years in multiple roles at Portland ...

Matt Champion

Director of Research
As Director of Research, Matt dedicates himself to finding the most impactful and relevant information for our clients and projects, and guides the team in all data acquisition strategies. Prior to working for James Brehm & Associates, he spent more than a decade doing intensive research and investigative work for Champion & Champion, an genealogy and estate research company. Additionally, Matt’s ...

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Consuelo Azuaje

Content Developer

As Content Developer at James Brehm & Associates, Consuelo combines her education with her military experience as a Korean linguist to produce accurate and digestible content regarding a range of topics related to IoT. A lifelong interest in languages and nature led to her developing a passion for clear communication, multiculturalism, and scientific inquiry.

Yasmine Alexa Rojas

Research Specialist

As Research Specialist, Yasmine uses her background in statistics to provide and gather insightful data in order to analyze industry trends.  Her work at James Brehm & Associates enables her to work closely with clients in order to generate deliverable projects and information. Yasmine graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio in 2017 with a major in Statistics and a ...